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What FitVibe Members are Saying

Yvonne Hopkins
This is an unbelievable work out!!! It is fast moving, high energy and you can make it as difficult as you want. No matter how fit “you think you are”, FitVibe can kick your butt. It’s exactly what anyone needs that is truly serious about transforming their body. The trainer is focused and great with keeping you moving and motivated. Definitely worth going to for the results and even better because of the affordability compared to comparable services. I think this will replace 1-on-1 personal training as the best way to get great results.

Lynn Zehr
I hadn’t worked out in years when I started FitVibe. Everyone talked about how hard it was, but that it was awesome and it works, regardless of where you start. Dealing with chronic fatigue related issues, I knew I had to do something. The great thing about FitVibe is that modifications allow beginners to work out with people with advance fitness levels. You get to work out like a pro even if you’re not…yet. And then before your know it, you’re leaner, more muscular and toned, you can go longer and stronger without getting as fatigued, you go to your doctor and you’re healthier, and specifically for me, I am able to better manage my chronic fatigue symptoms and experience more energy in life.

Kathy Esmaeili
Nothing feels better than going back to my size 6 clothes, feeling strong, gaining confidence, and becoming healthy again. After delivering my twin babies, I gained ~20 pounds and I was size 12. I was truly suffering both physically and emotionally. When babies turned two, I started going to gym everyday, exercise for hours hoping to loose the extra weight, but unfortunately I put too much pressure on my joints and injured my knees without reaching my goal.

Based on doctors’ recommendations, I started going to numerous physical therapy sessions and got referred to FitVibe to start the exercise under the supervision of a certified personal trainer. FitVibe is my angel. Helped me to reach my goals in less than 6 months; I have no pain in my knees, lost almost all my pregnancy weight and can fit in my size 6 jean again :-) I really don’t know how to thank FitVibe and Ashley my lovely trainer. Their programs are designed perfectly to strengthen both the body muscles while also raising heart beat for cardio exercise. This is the best way to get the maximum from your work out and burn the most amount of calorie. I go to FitVibe twice a week, each session is 45 minutes and this is the best 45 minutes of my day… THANK YOU!

Michael Neu
FitVibe is hard, it’s challenging. You’ll understand why they say that bootcamp is for sissies. It’s real exercise that burns a ton of calories because you’re getting weight training and cardio simultaneously. Plus it’s nice to have other people going through the pain and agony with you, ha,ha. Actually it’s kind of fun. Compared to the way you feel and the level of fitness you achieve with this style of exercise it’s definitely all worth it.  It’s also cool to see people that have just started exercising working out alongside athletes and the superfit. It’s a really supportive and inspiring environment to work out in. It is a place like no other and the workout is too!

Carolyn Waller
Obviously, the workouts at FitVibe are the best. Now, every place says this, but I have worked out a lot, and this place is truly a cut above. The trainers know exercise science and how to create and combine exercises that work every muscle and burn off the fat. The key for me is the time flexibility of being able to go to different session times according to how my schedule changes. People will say they exercise, and then wonder why they don’t see their body changing. Until you try FitVibe you probably haven’t really worked out.


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